Hot Summer Car Care

In every season, there are car care tips to ensure our vehicles run smoothly throughout the season and summer is not any different. Monday we hit the Summer Solstice which is almost hard to believe…time just moves so quickly doesn’t?  Since Car Care never takes a vacation we thought we would share these simple summer Car Care Tips with you.


  1. Coolant System-Keeping our vehicle cool is precedent. Be sure to check the level of coolant and go the extra mile by inspecting your vehicles hoses, you do not want any leaks!
  2. Engine Belts– Watch out for your serpentine belt, this is the belt that runs between the alternator, fan and several other vehicle components. You want to make sure this belt has the right amount of tension and is in good condition. If you see any cracks or pieces missing we recommend replacing the belt!
  3. Wipers– Yes its summer, but on a road trip you never know where you might hit that summer rain. Old and worn out wipers can cause streaks and impact your vision while driving. We recommend replacing these worn out wipers with new ones to ensure the best visibility before hitting the road!
  4. Other Essential Fluids– You want to be sure to check all your vehicles fluid levels this includes, Oil, Brake, Power Steering and Window Washer Fluid. These fluids are constantly being used and consumed and its great to make sure they are all level.
  5. Brakes– How are your brakes? Are they squeaky or feeling a bit spongy. If this is the case we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a Brake Service. New Brake Pads and a System bleed might be needed. Luckily for you, all our dealerships have an open service drive and no appointment is necessary!
  6. Air-Conditioning System– If you have air conditioning be sure your system is working properly and there are not any leaks .  If there is a leak have that repaired before you end up needing a system recharge. Schedule your appointment today and our qualified service techs will get this taken care of for you.
  7. Air Filter– Summer is a good time to check your vehicles air filter, remember that many more modern vehicles also have pollen and cabin filters that are easy to exchange out yourself. If in doubt at all ,please give us a call and we would be happy to address your vehicle maintenance concerns.
  8. Tires– Remember tires should be checked all year round but be sure to give them a look especially since summer  is a great time for those road trips. Be sure there are no cracks, uneven wear and plenty of tread depth!

Driving Down the Road. Road to the Sun. Modern Car Driving.

A few other things to consider are purchasing a Dashboard Sunshade to keep your vehicle cabin cooler when parked and keeping your vehicle clean and washed. Keeping your car clean protects the paintwork from the suns rays as well as any damage caused by birds and insects. Car care in the long run makes the best financial sense!

Click Here to schedule your vehicle service with us today. Have a great summer enjoy the long open road and take care of yourself and vehicle!







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