Springtime Auto Tips

8XJ9r[2]Spring is one of the prime times for Auto Maintenance here are some Spring Time Auto Tips:

  1. Read the owner’s manual and follow the recommended service schedules.
  2. Have hard starts, rough idling, stalling, etc. corrected before hot weather sets in.
  3. Flush and refill the cooling system (radiator) according to the service manual’s recommendations. The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically.
  4. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, look for repair facilities that employ certified automotive technicians.
  5. The tightness and condition of belts, clamps, and hoses should be checked by a qualified auto technician.
  6. Have a marginally operating air conditioner system serviced by a qualified technician to reduce the likelihood of more costly repairs.
  7. Change the oil and oil filter as specified in owner’s manual. (Properly dispose of used oil.)
  8. Replace other filters (air, fuel, PCV, etc.) as recommended.
  9. Check the condition of tires, including the spare. Always check tire pressure when the tires are cold.
  10. Inspect all lights and bulbs; replace burned out bulbs.
  11. Replace worn wiper blades and keep plenty of washer solvent on hand to combat summer’s dust and insects.

Preparation now will help ensure that your summer driving plans go smoothly and as planned!

 Source: Springtime Auto Tips


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