Survival of The Fittest


ImageNo one ever said we lived in an Ideal world, hopefully you never have to use these tips but here for reference we have provided 5 things that could save your life!

1. When A Storm Rolls in…If you can’t count at least 30 seconds between lighting and thunder, a lightning storm is less than five miles away and you need to seek shelter, stat.

2. Avoid, shark attacks by not venturing off alone. Sharks are more likely to attack solitary individuals than people in a group!

3. Your hand sanitizer will de-ice a lock. If your car locks are frozen, don’t despair. Not only will that antibacterial gel in your pocket ward off the flu, but also it will de-ice a lock!

4. Your house offers some hidden drinking water in a pinch. If a storm disrupts water service in your area, your toilet and your hot water heater can be sources of drinking water.

5. If you’re stranded in a car during a winter storm, run the engine and heater for about 10 minutes each hour to stay warm!

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