Be prepared for the Frosty Winter Weather!

Years ago taking the time to prepare your vehicle for the winter months took a long time but these days modern cars can go from those frosty winters to the hot hot summers, without a problem! 

Be Prepared and stay prepared for these next winter months with these helpful Tips & Items: 

  • Snow Brush & Ice Scraper
  • Consider buying snow tires? 
  • Install Winter windshield Wipers
  • Stock up on windshield wiper fluid- which is a great de-icer!!

If you have an older of higher mileage car make sure to keep track of the coolant levels 

  • Make sure to turn on your A/C once a month, if you turn your A/C on with the heat control set to warm it acts as a humidifier which in turn clears your windshield faster 
  • and last but not least make sure to carry in your vehicle a winter emergency kit

Stay Safe Driving this winter! 

Source for more info: Winter-Car-Care


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