The Grade of Gasoline you use matters!

All About Octane

Does it really matter what Grade of Gasoline you put in your vehicle?

And the answer is Yes

To cut to the chase your engine uses a spark to ignite a mixture of gasoline and air, which is supposed to combust in an orderly fashion, so therefore it matters what grade of gasoline you put in your vehicle to ensure for better performance.

You may find the minimum octane your car requires either in the owner’s manual and or when you open up your gas tank, it is important to put the appropriate octane in your vehicle to avoid possible damage!


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  1. Most newer vehicles have what are called “knock sensors”. My VW says that 91 octane is required. However, I use 89 a majority of the time. The reason for the required 91 octane is because that is all Germany manufactures is 91 octane.

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