Supermodels, Supercars, and Superior Service.

What do these three things have in common (other than being out of reach for most of us)? Lexus of Bellevue’s Service Department had all three, plus a DJ, lots of swag, and dogs in costume! Crazy, right?!

We were proud to host the Opening Night Party and Runway Show for Metropolitan Fashion Week. 

“The First Annual Metropolitan Fashion Week Presented by thinkThin, is a three day event taking place on March 24, 29, and 31, 2012 which is designed to share the message that ‘Yes’, we do have talented fashion designers who create and work in Bellevue and Seattle, WA.
Executive Producer Eduardo Khawam’s vision for this new annual fashion event is “to create a platform for our local and elite fashion designers to present their collections to the regional and international media, buyers, shoppers and fashionistas.”  All of the fashion collections that will be presented have been created exclusively for Metropolitan Fashion Week 2012″  (

Lexus of Bellevue’s state of the art service center proved to be the perfect venue for the high fashion event. From the sexy Lexus vehicles perched on the mechanic’s lifts to the Lexus embossed stainless steel tool cabinets the 69 bay service department looked more like a set from a sci-fi movie than your average repair shop! The LFA (Lexus ultra-exclusive supercar) was the automotive star of the show escorting a beautiful model down the runway- it’s a very sexy accessory! We had a great time and were honored to be chosen as host. Check out the video-

 Lexus of Bellevue hosts Metropolitan Fashion Week

For more info visit:


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