Tech-Dependence… Are you Afflicted?

I am tethered. I am leashed. I am caught in the web…. the world wide web. As many others I have found myself embracing and adopting new technologies as soon as it comes along. Maybe it’s because I’m a young guy raised on video games and spending my formative years online, but I am worried that I am becoming too dependent on the digital world. I have had a very extreme variety of living situations in my lifetime of only32 years. I grew up in a tiiiiiiiiny little community in Arkansas, about 20 miles from a real town (real meaning a pop. of 1000). I loved roaming the woods, building things in barns, riding horses, and all the other things young bumpkins get up to. Flash forward 20 years, I am living in Osaka, Japan. There were more people in my building than there were in my hometown in AR (yes this is the abbreviation for Arkansas- not Arizona: that’s AZ). Yes sir, in Japan I became a tech junkie. I had access to the latest cell phones, cameras, video games, etc… and loved it. Now that I am back in the US, I am still holding onto the habits of constantly checking my emails, blogs, tweets, status updates and because I am so reliant on my little digital friends, I sometimes forget to look out the window, or worse yet, go through the door and actually enjoy “real” things. I think Lexus has found a great way to bridge the gap between tech savvy, and usable. The new GS 350’s dash is absolutely high tech, but the user interface is so easy and ergonomically designed that I don’t have to think to use it (after a short learning curve of course). It really becomes secong nature, and that allows me to take Sunday drives, enjoy nature and not feel confined by my constant connectivity. I love it, and, boy howdy, Washington State is gorgeous! Get out there, see the world, and be safe.


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