Toyota of Renton- Brand New… Yet so familiar.

There’s a big change taking place in Renton, but yet, it seems like nothing at all. The well known and well loved Bob Bridge Toyota has recently been sold to the O’Brien Auto Group. We have many dealerships across the Northwest and a solid reputation as a great place to buy a car,as well as a great place to work. When Bob decided it was time to retire, he was determined to find the best new owner for his pride and joy. Bob Bridge built this Toyota store into one of the best performing in the country, and he has many employees that have been with the company for over a decade. With this in mind the decision was easy. The O’Brien Auto Group, while large in scope, is still a family run business with great respect for the employees and is based here in the Seattle area. We approach business and community the same way Bob has for all these years; Treat customers like a guest in your home, and employees like family. Now that the company has changed hands… all of the Bob Bridge staff are now O’Brien! Welcome to the family!


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