About You may have never heard of the O’Brien Auto Group but we’ve been around and local since 1986. Our philosophy is very simple: Make your buying and ownership experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. We know that you have the highest expectations of the vehicles you drive and of the people you trust to help you out. Our teams consist of employees who care. We take the time for on-going training to be certain we’re able to meet your needs with full confidence, providing the highest quality and user-friendly service available in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied not only at the time of purchase, but as long as they own their vehicle. Offering some of the highest quality cars and trucks available is, of course, the first step – but only the beginning. We’re proud to present a wide selection of premium, competitively priced, new and used vehicles. When you walk into our dealership, whether to purchase a vehicle or to visit our service department, you should feel like a guest in our home. You can be rest assured that each team member will do everything to make your experience as simple and as enjoyable as possible. We want you to feel that when you do business with the O’Brien Auto Group, life gets better. You have my name on it! Thank you!
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Paul Allen’s passions cross paths with S

Paul Allen’s passions cross paths with Seahawks ‘We Are 12’ exhibit at EMP: http://ow.ly/COqlY http://ow.ly/i/7ex0c

Why Are Cars Almost Always Symmetrical?:

Why Are Cars Almost Always Symmetrical?: http://ow.ly/CGKzC

Talk about some serious Tire Fails

  Talk about some serious Tire Fails; Do these bring you to a loss of words!? http://ow.ly/CG5mC

Seattle’s past and present, side by side

Fun Friday: Cross-time photos show snapshots of #Seattle’s past and present, side by side: http://ow.ly/CvBBf

Riding a bike on top of the arch of a br

Riding a bike on top of the arch of a bridge is something you normally do in video games..: http://ow.ly/CsNzl

Have we come to the end of the manual tr

Have we come to the end of the manual transmission…?: http://ow.ly/CoubY http://ow.ly/i/78SSs

What did you think of Last Nights Game?

What did you think of Last Nights Game? #GoSeahawks: http://ow.ly/CnqZQ http://ow.ly/i/78EJJ

A minor traffic annoyance that some of y

A minor traffic annoyance that some of you may have experienced…A flashing yellow means proceed with caution not stop: http://ow.ly/CdwPR http://ow.ly/i/75KsT

Fun Friday: If you’re a Seattle sports

Fun Friday: If you’re a Seattle sports fan, you will LOVE this commercial: Ken Griffey Jr. Vs. Richard Sherman: http://youtu.be/vKJORLjhSzM

What Kind of Car Shopper Are You? And What Kind of Shopper Should You Be?

Car buying can get stressful, which is precisely why you should be conscious of your car buying habits. We all have car buying habits whether we prefer to research online or in person at the dealership itself. Here are some car shopping styles that might be familiar to you or they might be how you or … Continue reading

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