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New Edition (Prius Family… not Bobby Brown)

Toyota has gambled that expanding the Prius into a family of Priuses (.. Priui?) into a family of vehicles ranging in size and drivetrain options would bolster sales. They were spot on!

The Prius V sold about 8,400 units in the U.S. in the first ten weeks. It seems the smaller, cheaper and more efficient 2012 Toyota Prius C is also getting a lot of attention. It’s smaller than a regular Prius by a little, being comparable in size to the Toyota Yaris. It’s looks are sporty, and the interior well appointed and surprisingly roomy, at least in the front. Toyota announced today that the C sold 1,201 units in just the first three days it was on sale. That’s enough to make it “one of Toyota’s fastest-selling vehicles,” according to the automaker, which also pointed out that those three days of sales is more than either the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt sold all last month.

Also hot off the line is the new Plug-In Prius Hybrid. This ups the mileage considerable, yet since it still has a gas engine to generate power, you don’t get the range anxiety of a fully electric vehicle.  It looks just like a regular Prius, no need for gimmicky paint schemes or body molding, and thus saving a lot of money on research and development. What we end up with is a solid, green machine that looks great without being pretentious.

To see these wonderful little gas-sippers in person visit Toyota of Kirkland or Toyota of Renton.

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One thought on “New Edition (Prius Family… not Bobby Brown)

  1. The Prius C just makes sense, Sub-20k Hybrid that can deliver 50+ mpg with Toyota reliability. These will certainly be hot items as fuel efficiency is the top reason individuals are purchasing new vehicles. Toyota played it smart by giving customers a cheaper version of the Prius as well as a larger version then to top it off the PHV.

    Posted by Uriah at GH | May 30, 2012, 9:30 am

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