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What Kind of Car Shopper Are You? And What Kind of Shopper Should You Be?

Car buying can get stressful, which is precisely why you should be conscious of your car buying habits. We all have car buying habits whether we prefer to research online or in person at the dealership itself.

Here are some car shopping styles that might be familiar to you or they might be how you or your friends shop. Some of these shoppers will find good deals because of how they shop, while others can be lead you down wrong and expensive paths. The good news is that you can change your shopping style, and maybe save some money in the process.


Avoid Being:

The Impulse Shopper: The impulse shopper likes to show up at a dealership and pick out a car, test-drive it and negotiate the deal all in the same day.

The Undecided Shopper: There are some shoppers who want to buy a new car but have no idea what model to get. They show up at car lots anyway, which can lead to problems.

The Grinder: The grinder is a relentless negotiator who will not back down until he gets the absolute rock bottom price on the car.

The Yes Man: The yes man is also called (in old-fashioned car-lot terms) a “lay down.” This is a person who agrees to everything the salesperson offers and doesn’t really counteroffer or negotiate.

The Upside-Down Shopper: The upside-down shopper owes more on his current car than it’s worth, but wants to trade it in and get a new car anyway.

The Stubborn Trade-In Shopper: The stubborn trade-in shopper thinks so highly of his trade-in vehicle — and its perceived value — that he lets this become the focal point of the deal

Instead try shopping like this:

The Test Driver: The test driver takes the car for a spin and tries out all the features, but doesn’t talk numbers that day.

The Internet Buyer: Internet buyers embrace technology and prefer to shop and primarily make their deals online.

The Cash Shopper/Pre-Approved Shopper: This shopper either has the cash to pay for the vehicle in full, or has a pre-approved loan to finance the vehicle.

In the end try not to be too focused on one aspect of the deal, whether it be the trade-in, test-drive or monthly payment. The savviest shopper is the person who incorporates all the recommended buying styles and doesn’t get caught up in the negative ones!

Taken From Edmunds.com, Click Here to Read the Article: What Kind of Car Shopper Are You?


  • No one ever said we lived in an Ideal world, hopefully you never have to use these tips but here for reference we have provided 5 things that could save your life! 1. When A Storm Rolls in...If you can’t count at least 30 seconds between lighting and thunder, a lightning storm is less than five miles away and you need to seek shelter, stat. 2. Avoid, shark attacks by not venturing off alone. Sharks are more likely to attack solitary individuals than people in a group! 3. Your hand sanitizer will de-ice a lock. If your car locks are frozen, don’t despair. Not only will that antibacterial gel in your pocket ward off the flu, but also it will de-ice a lock! 4. Your house offers some hidden drinking water in a pinch. If a storm disrupts water service in your area, your toilet and your hot water heater can be sources of drinking water. 5. If you’re stranded in a car during a winter storm, run the engine and heater for about 10 minutes each hour to stay warm! Read More By Clicking Here
  • This blog brings up some good points, but I also think it is a little misguided. If someone wants the cheapest car (a car that is under $30,000 for entire cost of ownership for 5 years) the best idea would be to get a pre-owned car. You get an incredible savings off brand new, in addition to extended warranties on certified models. Cost is not the only factor when buying a car. Comfort, safety, style and performance all play a major factor in poeple's buying decisions. If you can get a much more "loaded" car at the same price if you opt for a slightly pre-owned. If payments are the main concern do yourself a favor and consider leasing. With all the changes in full disclosure regulation, leasing is a very good option. You can often get a higher trim level for very little more per month.   Hybrids are not a "cheap" car to make either. However, they do retain a higher resale value. So if you were to trade in the Corolla and the Prius you could be looking at a similar amount of equity in the car, especially if gas prices continue too rise. The best idea is to really dicuss your options with a sales consultant. We are here to help you make an informed decision. I have talked people both out of and into a Hybrid, depending on what was the more appropriate solution for their needs.
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